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I have heard plenty of people say that bloggers and small businesses should manage their own SEO. As per my personal experience, it is easier said than done. While the ideas sound easy on paper, executing an elaborate SEO plan is a headache I can do without. Also, it is a field that keeps changing and evolving very rapidly. So, I have always thought that it should be left for the professionals. 

As I was planning to optimize my blog, I decided to find a good Phoenix SEO Company to take care of my entire SEO operations. A simple google search gave me dozens of results but I could not figure out which one to choose. I also consulted a handful of companies who claimed they had a specialed Scottsdale SEO company , but the responses were not very encouraging. In fact all of them seemed to have the same copy on their websites with no personality or individuality. I called a few of them but I found the responses very mechanical and repetitive. I am sure they are very professional and capable but I think SEO is a continuous process and so I will have to engage with them month after month in the near future. I wanted an agency with whom I share a great vibe so that I can develop a comfortable working relationship.

This is exactly why today I want to talk about Digitus Prime Agency. Unlike other firms they not only responded very quickly but one of their senior partners bothered to call me personally and invite me for coffee, which turned into a lunch. We had a detailed chat regarding my blog, my goals and the SEO activities that will be required to achieve the same. Moreover, they also demonstrated how small mistakes can cost me dearly and what developments should be taken care of. They also gave a very clear understanding of their charges with no possibility of any confusion.

I sincerely believe that we should always look for long term relationships rather than one time vendors for all kind of services. Over time, this makes it much more convenient for both sides. This is why I hired Dig

itus because they seemed to believe in the same principles and so far they have not proven me wrong. In case you are looking for a reliable and affordable Phoenix, Scottsdale and/or a Mesa SEO expert, I can recommend Digitus Prime Agency without any hesitation.

How A Roof Repair Company Save My Life!

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In this post I would like to share my experience with you concerning a particular roofing company and their customer care service. Recently, I had an emergency leak problem, and seriously, I had know idea how to handle it. I ended calling my friend for help, and guess he appeared to have the perfect solution, a roof repair chicago il company that he had used in the past. To tell the truth, I had never heard of the company and let alone was I familiar with what a ‘roofing company’ does. Have you ever experienced the same kind of shock? I bet yes. Oh! Before I continue, I forgot to tell you that I live in an area where finding any type of company is difficult.


Since I knew nothing about this company, I had to ask my friend how I should proceed with contacting them. The answer was “I bet you can’t get another roofing company that can beat it in terms of customer care services”. He knew exactly what buttons to push. So now that curiosity got the best of me,  and I didn’t bother asking whether there was another company that deals with leak repairs. I got down to my laptop and began looking up the company. It only took a couple of seconds before I was viewing their website. After going through their content, I called them, and level of the customer care service I got then took my breath away. Thanks City Roofing Pros! Although you mainly offer24 hour Denver CO roof repair services, to the greater Denver area, I’m glad to see one of your locations being able to accommodate me.


Immediately the customer care person was asking me whether my service needs were immediate or not and since leaking problem required immediate attention, I vibrantly expressed that I need their help right away! I gave them all of the information they were asking for, including my location and then they informed me that their professionals will be arriving soon. According to their website, they care for their customers and treat emergency situation as an actually emergency; they were on their way. After waiting for around two 20 minutes, I heard a car pull in front of my house. Guess who? The professionals I had just called. From that point onwards they handled my situation with extreme urgency and I couldn’t believe how great of a job they did.


Here is a list of emergency leak repair services they offered me:

  • They offered me a timely and reliable schedule of repairs
  • They responded within 24 hours from the time I filed a leak repair case
  • They gave me one year warranty for the repair work.
  • They fixed my problem using modern techniques that enabled them to work faster than I had anticipated
  • They gave me a time estimate for repairs after they assessed my problem

I want to thank City Roofing Pros for everything that they did and I hope other’s can receive the same type of attention I did. I know they have location in Chicago, Greensboro, and Denver as well.

Bringing Customer Service Back to Businesses

james runoldsHi there and welcome to the ultimate blog for Understanding and Knowing Trends that Service Customers Globally. Our objective here is to document our journey throughout life in an effort to bring transparency to the world of customer service. Here’s a little about us, my name is James and I used to play professional basketball all across the world. Following an unfortunate injury, I was no longer able to play the game I love and had to get a job. I ended up joining a fortune 500 company as a customer service representative. This is where my entire world changed. Over the 2 years that I worked for them, I had the opportunity to learn what makes businesses successful, and what doesn’t. It is my honest opinion that customer service is vital in creating a successful business. And with that said, I’ll sharing the customer service experience I’ve received from various businesses so that you can become aware of what’s working and what isn’t. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to contact us in regards to a story you would like to share.